Someday I'll get my fucking car back, I guess.

Spoilers for the Faraway Paladin 

Yeah uh, this is a series where Stagnate, the god of undeath, who Will just fought, ALSO gets the hots for Will and turns into a hot chick to woo him. So...

did some cleaning so now if I'm useless half the day at least I won't be useless in garbage

What I love about ZBrush is that if you want to update your installation you don't download a new version from the web site, like it automatically takes you to. Instead you need to go into the program folder and run ZUpgrader. No, that's ZUPDATER you fool! Now we'll all d-

I have very little confidence in self-driving cars at all, but you gotta love how American it is that rather than make sure your cars don't murder people we decide to slap transponders on your kids instead.

Elden Ring is literally Souls of the Wild huh... not that that's... a bad thing.

I saved up a bunch of money during COVID (well, it's still COVID but you know what I mean) so I could take time and work on projects and now things are packed up and our car is in the shop and we don't know where we're going to be in a month. And I KNOW we're exceedingly lucky! But that doesn't reduce my anxiety, that just adds guilt to it lol

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I just want to be able to put time and money and work into something that I get to live in and use instead of everything just going off into the ether in rent.

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So... we're looking to move and buy a house. Which I have some mixed feelings about in some ways but... at least we'd own it. But, of course, a bunch of these houses are shitty Zillow flips.

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Oh man, I love $500b in climate change initiatives, what are we going to do with that, big infrastructure projects? no? tax incentives and 'clean energy' funding?


According to Yoko's commentary, "To begin with, I don't think you can even call it a RPG."

honestly reincarnation is more of an rpg than any of the main series niers.

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me: give πŸ‘ rion πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ pretty πŸ‘ outfit

square enix:

cause i'm havana good time, havana good time

Which means that after we get back from our vacation (we're going to a cabin for a week) I can focus on getting my CNC machine finished.

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Looks like my 3D printer is finally back to working properly.

It's still weird to me when software doesn't support high dpi mode in 2021.

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